“The changes due to the opponent seem to have confused the players There will be no major changes for the time being.”

FC Seoul will bring home Gimcheon Sangmu, who is seeking to recapture the lead. The game against Gim.. - MK

Lingard ‘It's frustrating'

Coach Kim Ki-dong of professional soccer team FC Seoul was relieved that ‘superstar' Jesse Lingard, who injured his knee, was recovering quickly.

Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong said ahead of the Hana Bank K-League 1 2024 5th round home game against Gimcheon Sangmu held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 3rd, "I had another check-up at the hospital two days ago, and I was told that I was improving faster than expected."

He then explained, “I started training again,” and “nothing got worse (other than the symptoms of water filling up my knees).” 파워볼사이트

Seoul's superstar Lingard missed the 4th round match against Gangwon FC, which took place immediately after the international break, due to water build-up in his knees.

At the time, Coach Kim suggested that Lingard's injury was minor, saying, "He said it wasn't a big deal."

Lingard, who scored 35 goals in 232 official games for Manchester United (England) and also played for the England national team, is creating the most buzz in the K-League this season.

Lingard has participated in all 1st to 3rd rounds of the K-League and has not yet recorded an attack point.

After the 3rd round game against Jeju United (2-0 win), he was criticized by Coach Kim for his attitude, saying he was "nervous."

Afterwards, Lingard pledged to work hard, but was forced to miss two consecutive games due to a knee injury.

Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong

Seoul is in 8th place in the league, showing unfavorable performance in the early stages of the league, as if the pre-opening prediction that they were a 'championship candidate' was in vain.

Coach Kim Ki-dong is said to have apologized to the players first, saying he seemed to have been hasty.

Coach Kim said, “Starting from the first round, we have been making small changes depending on the opponent, but I think the players were confused because we were making changes in a situation where they were not fully aware of the existing basic framework.”

He continued, “It's not a framework that will change drastically. The movements are slightly different for each position, but I thought it might be difficult because it might be a little different from what I used to do.” He added, “We decided not to make any major changes until it is established.” announced the plan. 슬롯사이트 추천